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At McCauley Imaging we create an online interactive virtual tour for your business. We are located in London for easy accessibility to your business. The photographer comes to your location and photographs your location for the virtual tour developer to put it all together.Here are a few benefits of having a virtual tour on your website: –

  • Shareable: Easy to share via email or social networks.
  • Easy website integration: Upload and link.
  • Continuous Access: Available 24/ 7 with internet access and viewable on mobile devices.
  • Increase Service Level & Competitive Edge: Virtual tours are being used by market leaders so don’t be left behind.
  • Higher interactivity: Keeps your clients engaged with your website and lead them to a sale.

Features of A Virtual Tour

What A Virtual Tour Is?
A spherical photograph that is able to capture a complete scene and gives users the ability to move around virtually. It can be viewed from a internet browser making it easily accessible and the field of view can be manipulated in different ways to help users look around. The 3 ways are:
– Pan: Rotate around in a 360 degree view.
– Tilt: Look up and down, to see the floor beneath you.
– Zoom: Able to look closer at details that you cannot see from a distance.
Main reason for having a virtual tour is to show clients a location at its best without constantly having it setting up.

Where Can Virtual Tours Be Used?
In a variety of locations such as schools to show classroom sizes and facilities. Golf Courses to show club house and the course for people to see the difficulty. Car, Plane and boats interiors to show all the amenities they have inside. Hotels to show room sizes and window views.

Our service is to capture your location in the highest quality to give your clients the best experience. We use modern equipment to capture high resolution and maximum sharpness for highest details for viewing up close. To capture the light variation at a location we use a technique call HDR (High Dynamic Range), this is when multiple photographs are taken at different exposures and converted into one photograph that will show details in shadows and highlights, commonly used to see through windows when normally you would be unable. To finish we use professional retouchers that are able to tidy and clean up your scenes to make them look their best for your clients.

Virtual Tour Interface & Features
When you have multiple scenes to show at your location, we provide a good customized interface for your clients to navigate around easily. We like to create custom interfaces and colour schemes for all our clients, giving your business a more professional and interesting virtual tour. Customizations and features are:
– Maps and Floor Plans: Location layout.
– Radars & Thumbnails: Change scenes and orientate yourself.
– Hotspots: More details about a specific location.
– Pop Ups & Links: Detailed information.
– Sound & Video Clips: More information and directions.

We can export your virtual tour in a variety of formats but the preferred formats are Flash and HTML5 reasons are Flash is a cross platform browser Plugin that delivers breakthrough web experience to over 99% of internet users. Flash allows us to provide a higher degree of interactivity. HTML5 is used when flash is not available like on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.